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Re: Teams to watch out for

Thu Oct 12, 2017 9:28 am

spiritof74 wrote:Well that was a bit of a game Dingbat. The word is that Goole should not be in the lowly position they are, because that was a great defensive performance. Within a few minutes of a point and in fact your number 7 forced a great save late on. Heard it said that they are the hardest opposition we've had this season. From a Shields perspective we huffed, we puffed and had a hard job blowing things down. 3 points were more than appreciated, but well done Goole.
Onwards to Scarborough on Saturday.

wasn't able to get up to South Shields unfortunately, from reports the vikings produced a battling display, got to say feared the worst when i saw the team on the night, the 40+ assistant manager playing at the back and 3 or 4 younger lads, like i said before the game i would have taken a good performance and a narrow defeat, so credit the team on the night for making a very good side by all accounts work hard for the victory

There are still some signs of improvement at the moment for Goole, but it seems to be 2 steps forward and then 1 step back at the moment, last Saturday we lost 3-0 at Ossett town in the FA trophy, first half we competed and did ok went in at 0-0 then the defensive frailties surfaced again and within a few mins of the re-start we were 2-0 down and game over, confidence is a fragile thing and it seems if the first goal goes against us then its game over currently. There was some improvement on Tues night with a 5-1 county cup victory at Liversidge, including 3 cracking 2nd half goals, you could see the confidence visibly flow into the players once we got in front in the 2nd half, and although the standard of opposition has to be taken into account hopefully it will prove to be a confidence booster going into Saturdays game.

we do now have a few goal threats throughout the team and look a lot more competitive in general, hopefully we can follow up on the last 2 positive results at home on Saturday against Droylsden who will hopefully be tired from playing 120 mins + pens on Tues night, frustrating thing is (and i know most managers always say it but as a supporter i have to agree on this occasion) if Goole could just get a couple more players in for key postions they would be more than competitive for this level IMHO

Re: Teams to watch out for

Thu Oct 12, 2017 2:01 pm

Last Saturday at Scarborough in the Trophy we went 4-1 up by half time. Eventually a 5-2 win which is not to be sneezed at. This Saturday in the FA Cup we are at home to Hartlepool United. The game is a sell out again, with a lot of disappointed fans unable to get tickets. 400 tickets sold out by Hartlepool. It's the dreaded "segregation" again, which can knock 300-400 off the crowd. (I hate this segregation). Mind you, with Hartlepool only being 30 miles away, 2 doughnuts thought they would buy "home" tickets, presumably by post. It was made a condition of sale that you had to have proof of address. They were caught out and told they wouldn't be allowed admission in the home end. Mind you they were offered a refund, which they decided to take up apparently!
We had over 3200 last season in a derby game against North Shield (our last competitive defeat). But with segregation it affects the crowd. Hartlepool are a little bit peeved at only getting 400 tickets. Bless them, they must still think they are a league club! Anyway Shields are well up for it. We beat them 3-0 earlier this year in the Durham Challenge Cup. Of course they say it was their reserve side. What a shame. Hoping for a win, but of course it has to end somewhere, but hopefully not this weekend.
Glad Goole are getting it together. They knew how defensively hard to make it for us. Beating Droylsden would be a good help for us. Up the Vikings!

Re: Teams to watch out for

Sat Oct 14, 2017 8:22 am

spiritof74 wrote:Keep beating the drum and you may just get a few people to believe you. Shields have moved on, and so should you and others who seem riddled with jealousy for what we are achieving. As for arrogance, take that up with the people you think are arrogant. I am a supporter of ALL non league football, but one team in particular. Can you claim the same? If you cannot acknowledge success, then perhaps better to hold your own council. Obviously you are spoiling for some sort of argument. Not with me, as I've made my points, and if you cannot see that, then it's best just left there. No more comments will be made to you.

No argument just facts. Just had a look on the All things Mariners page on Facebook there's a number of South Shields fans getting rather peed off at the arrogance of other shields fans. The exact point I was making to yourself but you couldn't digest. I thought I was wrong once.

Re: Teams to watch out for

Sat Oct 14, 2017 6:00 pm

Well that's one little journey over, a 1-2 defeat to Hartlepool. A queer sort of game. Till we scored after 25 minutes they played us off the park. From the goal we played them off the park, hitting the bar and missing a sitter. Could have been 3-0 up half time. Two quick goals for them in the early second half settled it, but we still had the odd chance. Still it had to end somewhere (Chelsea/Man. City/Liverpool/Man. Utd will be able to sleep easier in their beds tonight!
Well Tuesday it's home to Farsley Celtic in the League Cup. Another team from a higher division, so let's see how it goes. Face them away in the Trophy first round on October 28th. We seem, this season to have a habit of playing teams twice pretty consecutively (Scarborough and Farsley Celtic).

Re: Teams to watch out for

Mon Oct 16, 2017 10:02 am

2 all draw for the vikings on Saturday at home to Droylsden after been 2 nil down at one point, on the whole the small improvement continues, very competitive first half and although it was very even the Vikings were slightly unlucky not be in front at the break IMHO. 2nd half the soft underbelly was again exposed with 2 quick goals for the visitors, this seems to be a bit of a pattern of late a decent first half followed by a capitulation in the opening mins of the 2nd, the difference on Saturday was Goole responded almost instantly with a penalty which was won after a good slick move, this spurred the vikings on and for me we played possibly the best 30 mins of football of the season, despite this it looked like another defeat was on the cards but the deserved leveller came with a minuet to go, after that Goole pushed for an unlikely winner winning a couple of corners and putting the visitors under pressure for the duration of the added time, all in all a deserved point and the improvement at home continues (3 home games unbeaten). the key now is to turn the draws into wins and improve the away from hopefully starting at Atherstone next Saturday.

Got to say massive credit to Droylsden who always tried to play football and at times looked very decent, which is a positive for the Vikings as Droyslden will be top half easy for me and we competed man for man with them all afternoon, still just feel with 2 more players we would start to win more than we lose, the management team have defo improved things in the last month or so and its looking much better now and there is hope for the rest of season, a big month or so coming up for club as a whole, several winnable games a fair few home games etc the aim for me as to be to get off the bottom and maybe be more comfortably nestled in the bottom 5 or 6 by the xmas games

Re: Teams to watch out for

Wed Oct 18, 2017 7:19 pm

Funny old game is football. 89 minutes cruising along 2-0 up. They score one, and equalise with a penalty in the 93rd minute. Had been even confident to bring on two young (16 and 17) Academy players. Eventually won 5-3 on penalties. Mossley away on Saturday.

Re: Teams to watch out for

Thu Oct 19, 2017 9:41 pm

Stocksbridge Park Steels in the next round of Integro Cup. 3rd in their league, so should be a good test for us. Don't recall ever having played them.

Re: Teams to watch out for

Fri Oct 20, 2017 5:29 pm

Definitely first time against the Steels unlike old NPL rivals Mossley!

Good to have dialogue with you but I wonder if apart from the Dingbat anyone else will ever post anything on the forum at all????????? Not exactly a lively community here :cry:

Re: Teams to watch out for

Fri Oct 20, 2017 6:30 pm

Come now Steve, we do have one other person that occasionally posts :roll:
Maybe the years are dimming, but I honestly cannot remember ever playing Mosseley. Never missed many games from when my Dad first took me mid 50's till the end in the 70's. The old names still come rolling back-Len Smith, George Ivy, John Burn, Bobby Owen, Bob Elwell and many more. Nice to see we are up against teams we've never played before this season.
Agree with you that there seems not a to of interest in this Forum, although in the next up league it seems a bit livelier.

Re: Teams to watch out for

Sat Oct 21, 2017 5:13 pm

Same here taken to my first game at the hall at age 3 months (1954) and went to every home game until I left for Uni in 1972, where did you stand /sit. As you may recall my mam and I ran the PA at the Hall until 71 so were always in our box next to the press box so we could chat to Dick Kirkup of the Gazette. Don't think we played Mossley often , twice in the 'last year' at Simonside (we won the home game 4-0) cos they had just come up from the Cheshire League I think as SSFC moved off to become Heed version 2. Must find my stuff - all my 20 yrs of programmes, SSFC books still in a box from when we moved to the US 8 yrs ago. Prob be back in UK 2019 hooping we are on the way to Nat League by then - though the team have to stop making life difficult for themselves..

Nice to chat but must get back to work!

Re: Teams to watch out for

Sat Oct 21, 2017 5:33 pm

Used to stand at the Hall End behind the goals just to the left of the goals. When I was really young I was right at the front by the railings. I remember for a short spell about 1960 being a ball boy. It was hell trying to find the ball at Newcastle Road End down the hill in the deep grass!
I remember a couple called Wilson (she was Iris I believe), who helped out a lot behind the scenes. I used to play with their son Michael at the next door school (Simonside Junior Mixed). He was goalkeeper, I was right back. In 1960/61 we won the Weaver to Wearer Cup and our reward was a pie and pea supper.
I do recall midweek games there (generally Cup Replays) where we would shout over the fence for the score.
My Mother worked in Goudies' paper shop Wenlock Road for many years, and they eventually had a shed/cabin on the west side of the ground for refreshments. My brother, one of their paper delivery boys, used to walk around the ground during the game, selling sweets etc. from one of those things the ladies used to sell ice creams/sweets at the Cinema. He hated football. Happy days.

Re: Teams to watch out for

Wed Oct 25, 2017 6:04 pm

marinersteve wrote:We have this new midfielder, I heard, lots of news on the club website after he got his international clearance but not a word since. Know if he is warming up with the reserves or what??

He got injured playing for the reserves

Re: Teams to watch out for

Wed Nov 01, 2017 10:15 am

As this thread seems to be S Shields orientated i was just wandering if the club had found the coward who spat at the opposition goalkeeper last night. Everywhere we go and all that.

Re: Teams to watch out for

Wed Nov 01, 2017 1:07 pm

obsessed with shields you mind.. we have moved on , you should try it

Re: Teams to watch out for

Wed Nov 01, 2017 4:47 pm

Thanks for that. I will take that as a no then.
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