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Sat Apr 28, 2018 11:15 pm

that's me done, this is my last ever post, cue Royal marines bugler playing the last post as the Union flag is lowered for the last time :cry:

it's like the scene at the end of close encounters of the third kind, the scientists have been trying to understand what the hell's being going on all this time and now they have reached the end of their journey. I feel like that, I've gone as far as I could and did what I could, but now the people who are going to be with Ossett United are like Richard Dreyfuss and the others climbing aboard the spaceship for a new journey and a new experience. I wish you all well, and bon voyage, as they say in Dewsbury.

What Non League Zone do now with the Ossett Town forum is their business, I would imagine it would go in the archive as I can't see why it would need to be kept open. If there is a demand for an Ossett United forum than that's for those who are going to watch the new club to decide what they want to do. I won't be going on that journey, I'll be staying here in 2018 with Ossett Town, where the future takes the new club I've no idea, it might get to the national leagues like they hope or it all might end badly with Ingfield having to be sold off and the club closing down, who knows?

to continue with the movie theme - "I have seen things you wouldn't believe. petrol tankers on fire off the hard shoulder near Preston. I watched an old man in wellies hosing down the outdoor toilets in Workington. All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in the rain, time to die"

like Vinnie Jones says in one film "Its been emotional"

THAT'S ALL FOLKS! :mrgreen:
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