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Author:  Frickley 1 [ Wed May 02, 2018 7:28 am ]
Post subject:  last nights game

Very poor first half from Frickley we are better than that, better second half but we are still in the Div 1 south. I am GUTTED. First half let us down plus not been able to put the ball in the net second half. Not our night but should have been. :( :(

Author:  Dingbat [ Wed May 02, 2018 2:22 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: last nights game

Last night was the bats first visit to the lane for over a year, tempted back by tales of exciting free flowing football and on hearing quotes from fans such as ‘the best football the club has played for a long time’ and ‘the football we are playing is a joy to watch’.

Got to say I was disappointed with the quality on display from the blues who appeared to be playing tactics based on the Wimbledon side of the late 1980’s, let’s be fair its obviously been effective to some extent looking at the league table as it was for Wimbledon, and other clubs down the years but let’s not dress it up as anything other than route one or direct football. To be honest some teams have to play that way as ability wise they are restricted. The surprising thing is that the lads Frickley have can play good football so why decide to play in that way? for example Big Gav, yes he can play as a target man, an old fashioned number 9, if you like, but he is far more effective when you get the ball into his feet in or around the box where he can run at people and turn defenders. He must have been so frustrated last night as ball after ball was smashed up to him head height with 2 massive solid centre backs right on his back. Also its clear to anyone with any football knowledge that Nicky Darker is only in the side for one reason. Now fair enough the long throw can be a great weapon but when your trying to accommodate a player that isn’t good enough for your level in your team for that sole reason it surely does more harm than good? an example last night Darker didn’t track his man reacted late and the kid scored a free header from inside the box. Jack Burton must be sat on that subs bench massively disappointed that he gets picked before him, due to the fact he can throw a ball a long way. One last point is the route one stuff long throws etc. work better against the poorer sides but the better sides can deal with it in the main, as last night showed despite all the pressure it only resulted in one goal.

Onto the game Stamford started brighter not sure if it was nerves effecting the blues? but they never got going. Stamford on the other hand were knocking the ball around with the 4 and 7 in the middle of the park running the show. In my opinion that’s where the game was lost as they not only won the midfield battle but did so by some margin, also the kid on the left hand side the 3 was giving Liversidge nightmares early on and was getting in time after time. The first goal was overdue when it arrived in all honesty, runner not tracked lad not closed down and allowed time to look up and pick out a cross, decent header 1-0. Fortunate not to go 2 down soon after when ref blew up for a foul (handball I think) that looked harsh just as lad lashed a volley into top locker. 2nd goal arrived soon after and to be honest I thought it was a harsh penalty, you maybe see them given once out of every 10 incidents, was not at all a clear/obvious deliberate handball, and the lad was unlucky to be penalised in my opinion. However I don’t think it can be argued too strongly that Stamford didn’t deserve to be 2 nil up at that point on the balance of play? It seemed to take the coaching staff a long time to react to what Stamford were doing and how they set up, and in all honestly by the time they did change it a little by shoving the 11 infield a bit it was too late. Fair play to Stamford they got there tactics first half spot on, playing there big target man wide and dropping the other striker deeper so they were not playing right up against Ible and Burn.Tthen getting the 3 on the left up in support to make a 3 when ever they could, added to the fact the 4 and 7 were running the show in the middle meant they dominated the first 25-30 mins and were deservedly 2 nil up no question. Towards the end of the half the blues came back into it and should really have got back into the game, Ible hit the bar (with the kid on the post seemingly poised to handball it off the line had it been an inch lower) then after another scramble the keeper made an unbelievable reflex save from Hazel (?). At half time on balance of play Stamford probably deserved to be 2 nil up however the blues could feel a little unlucky at the penalty decision and the changes missed at the end of the half.

2nd half and straight away I was surprised to see no changes made by the manager, after the way the blues had been taught a footballing lesson for most of the half.It was clear Stamford were going to slow the game down and use every trick in the book to run the clock down and frustrate Frickley. To be fair they were well organised and quite happy to sit in and defend there box. From open play the blues never looked like breaking them down, in fact they never tried as any time the blues were in possession they simply launched it long, and most of the time the Stamford no.6 (Eze I think who was immense on the night for me) won it, the only time the blues looked like scoring was from set pieces and long throws but like I said above most of the time Stamford were dealing with them, the only time the blues got any joy Jammer hit the bar. In fact at 11 v 11 I would have backed Stamford to snatch another on the break and they had a couple of decent opportunities that they didn’t take. Then the 10 got sent off and rightly so for leaving one in on Turner which was senseless really as he was offside anyway, just before he had shoved the Frickley 3 down in front of the dugouts when the ball was out of play, which he somehow avoided a booking for. Maybe had the ref dealt with him then and calmed him down the incident on the keeper may not have happened. Anyway on Stamford went with 10 men which killed off any threat they had on the break, the 12 they brought on was knackered after 5 mins so it turned to a game of attack v defence for the last 25 mins.I n reality the blues didn’t use the extra man at all, the tactic remained launch the ball in the box and despite several scrambles and at times 18 players or more been in the penalty box it looked like Stamford would survive with a clean sheet in tact. Haze was unlucky when he hit the post from a tight angle following a shot from McGinley but that was the only time the blues created a chance in open play all game, surely with a man advantage an extra pass to create an overlap or to get someone free around the dee would have been more effective than launching bal after ball into the box, fair enough from those balls the blues were getting throws and corners in the final third and getting the centre backs up but like I say it was a bit one dimensional at times and although there were nervy moments in the main Stamford coped with everything thrown at them. Despite that the only sub made was the injured keeper, surely at 2 down the manager has to change something to try and get pack in the game? take a full back off and put a forward or winger on? seemed very strange not to change it? Maybe the manager was caught up in the emotion of the game? one thing is certain despite all the coaching qualifications and certificates sat on the frickley bench no one on there had the nous to change anything even with the opposition down to 10 men? Just as it looked like the blues would not score at all, from another corner, a goal finally arrived on first viewing it looked like the sub keeper had turned in after Hazels shot however from the highlights it is clear the shot it the ground and skipped in. Que more frantic scenes in the last 2 mins but yet again despite the pressure and bodies in the box Stamford held firm. Another point the manager sent the keeper up for the corners late on then left 2 men back marking the 12, why??? he was clearly tired and was not quick just leave him one on one, or even send up the marker as a dummy run see if the 12 went with him, thats the problem with coaching via the coaching manuel, during a game there are times when variation is required to suit the situation and i think the reluctance to go off script late on helped Stamford.

Overall I think they deserved it the blues will feel hard done by to loose with all the pressure they had but apart from hitting the bar they didn’t really create a clear cut chance to be honest. In summary the game was lost in the first 25 mins when Stamford dominated and also due to a lack of quality really and the fact no changes were made in the game despite the tactics been ineffective and even when stamford went down to 10 men. I can’t remember a sustained period of frickley passing they didn’t put more than 3 passes together all game, like I say with the undoubted quality in the side it didn’t seem to be like an effective way to use the tools at their disposal. Honestly, I thought Stamford looked the better footballing side on the night, some good quality esp first 25 mins, disciplined, organised and streetwise, they looked a tidy outfit good luck to them in the final.

Overall enjoyed the game, great crowd and atmosphere, and nice to see never neutral and his pal hopefully all the silliness can be put to bed now fair play to both of them lads, good luck to the blues on Monday in the senior cup.

Author:  Frickley 1 [ Wed May 02, 2018 3:54 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: last nights game

Think you got it spot on Dingbat with your views of last nights game. But can i just say Frickley havent been playing like they played last night with the long ball they are a footballing side and have been good at it for most of the season with good results. Why they played the way they did last night beats me as well. As a result we are still in Div 1 when we should be in the final on Sat. Carnt blame the ref or the 4th ref at the dug out or hard luck or what ever we dident do the deed. But we are not in the final Sat and I am gutted because on paper we should be. As I said on my last posting. But no body died and there is always another season.
Sadly in Div flaming 1 again.

Author:  bluebeard [ Wed May 02, 2018 6:08 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: last nights game

Got to agree largely with your report DB. We have been spoilt for the whole of this season with great passing football and superb finishing. Then last night out of nowhere we revert to the Blues of the past - big boot from the back straight onto the head of the big centre half, who must have had one of his easier nights. We have beaten this team twice this year and put six goals past them by playing them off the park, why change things! I'd also be interested to know why we persisted with it despite getting nowhere, Duggie on the bench would have given us width and stretched their tired legs. Having said that, if the referee is going to give a ridiculous penalty like that he should have also given one off Hazels first half shot which was more obvious. With the goal line clearances and woodwork the blues were desperately unlucky. On another day we would have got six. What now for the future.

Author:  Nibbler [ Thu May 03, 2018 12:59 am ]
Post subject:  Re: last nights game

As a neutral , I was shocked he didn't bring Milner on or another sub as well , but yep good sum up DB , unlucky Frickers just wasn't ur ngt , rock onto the new East League some Journey Morpeth or Marske .

Author:  Frickley 1 [ Thu May 03, 2018 7:30 am ]
Post subject:  Re: last nights game

I think we all are in the same mind that our game plan on the night was wrong.
The mid field wasn’t there, big ball up failed, no changes, subs not been used.
Sadly it has cost us badly.
Yet people have their views But i Cannot understand some of the views on Frickley Twitter about the game. The biggest game in years with a place in the Prem so near and Spen and his team got it so wrong I M O when most of the season we have been a good footballing team. Spen in this seasons games has made changers when it was not working. He has used subs. We haven’t played big ball up but on the ground football. Why he didn’t on the biggest game of the season beats me. But as I say we all have our views. O if only comes to mind.

Author:  robstrumental [ Fri May 04, 2018 11:31 am ]
Post subject:  Re: last nights game

It is all about opinions of course, but from my perch up near the back of the stand, the direct approach *was* working during the second half... six good saves by the Stamford keeper after half time, Frickley hit the woodwork four times, a goal line clearance and a handball by a Stamford defender a yard in front of the goal to block a shot from Hazel (that the referee missed), does sort of suggest that the tactics were spot on, but Frickley had no luck in front of goal and the final touch just wouldn't come.
But each to their own, nobodies opinion is more important than mine and mine is no more important than anybody else's, as a great philosopher once said (Dylan the rabbit on the Magic Roundabout, if I recall correctly).

I did a 'neutral observation' blog about the game, click here to view it: which is tongue in cheek in places, but it had to be, given that I have a number of good friends connected to both clubs.

Enjoy the Sheffield cup game(s) and have a nice summer holiday y'all! :D

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