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 Post subject: Re: Retained / Contract players
PostPosted: Tue Jun 20, 2017 7:47 pm 

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the money being splashed about does concern me a little,but must be affordable in my eyes.
i will not trust the board in its current guise as there are too many u turns from them.
as for jammer wanting £30 more and the board unwilling to cough up more, surely when a budget has been agreed between manager and board(any manager)this is the weekly amount available to that manager, he then needs to juggle the money about to make ends meet(a bit like making a wage packet last til next payday) so as for blaming the board for that, im afraid the blame in my eyes stops with the manager.


 Post subject: Re: Retained / Contract players
PostPosted: Tue Jun 20, 2017 8:53 pm 
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I will agree in part re the manager and the budget and maybe Karl would do things differently if he had his time again however to keep hold of the players that departed last summer would have meant operating with a smaller or younger squad and axing other players for cheaper alternatives. Let's remember he got Bailey and Hinsley to stay despite strong interest but just to prove I am objective he signed some awful players such as purkiss, Pearson and grant and If anyone looks back at the forum they will see I said so at the time, the performances and results were crap and therefore he left

But that brings me to another point some will moan but am saying it anyway, at the end of the 7th place season the board said to Karl they wanted to keep as many of the squad together as possible, but when Karl was given the budget it was the same and the boards reason was to keep the same players would cost the same money. Now that is either stupidity or naivety it's basic common sense that when players performed as they did resulting in a 7th place finish and a storming end of season run there value in terms of the wages they are going to command will increase therefore just to keep even say 90% of the squad together would require an increased budget, now an increase may not have been possible am not saying spend what we ain't got my point is more about the reasoning of the board at the time, like they say aim to stand still and you end up going backwards

Now this is the same board that are now telling us to trust spencer and Ryan and have 'jumped into bed with them' seemingly with very little nor ice or carrying out any due diligence, have they shown naivety once more??

Now people on here seem to think I don't like/trust these 2 due to a loyality to Karl, now I am loyal to Karl that much is true I also am discusted with how pete has been treated but my concern with these 2 is due to their previous record at Stockport and spencer's at East Stirlingshire and some things I have heard personally that I can not put on here (nothing else) now they have attempted to explain this and there version is massively different to what supporters especially at Stockport are saying the truth most likely lies somewhere in between but even so in my opinion there record and reputation as owners/operators of football clubs is extremely questionable and given the choice not many would have chosen them as custodians of the club, so I am well within my rights to be sceptical

Also the fact we are now throwing obscene money about after been told the budget was middle of the road is very concerning especially the fact that Spencer has walked away from 2 previous clubs when the going has got tough and at the meeting made no effort at all to say he would not walk away from here or reassure anyone, in fact he said if we were not doing well after 10 games he would walk away now if they do walk and we are stuck paying daft money with no investment where does the club go then? Opposite end what if we storm the league and then spenna gets another job and takes his funding with him?? Either way it's not a good position to be in for me??

This is a real club it's not football manager or fantasy football to be messed with and used as a play thing surely the fans want a sustainable future with a long term plan to run the club within it means??

If am wrong for saying that fair enough let's debate but it all still doesn't sit right with me and a lot of others

Warning: I have had a minimum of 8 pints before posting on this forum

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