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Out of the Woods

Tue Nov 29, 2016 9:37 pm

after an excellent but unexpected and maybe a little fortuitous win Saturday we now enter 2 massive home games against 'moneybag side' Warrington and a young Ilkeston side that maybe could be a rival for the bottom 4 spots, we have had 2 massive 6 pointers postponed such is football that would have been a massive indicator of where we are realistically at this time, question is are Morris and Kay the men to keep the club up?

in the league we have 3 wins in 12 since the initial revival when they first arrived, of the 3 Saturday was down to an unbelievable winner that all credit reserved to Vallers he or no one else is likely to pull off again, we won with a late smash and grab at Rushall if memory serves me right and we beat an Ashton side in free fall, in the games mentioned we have won with a side containing more of the legacy players picked up from Rose and Strats.Out of the signings made by Mozza for me only Stoher and Burdett look capable at this level while unfortunately several others are not up to scratch and have fallen by the way side, its almost as if the side was torn up on there arrival then after a few poor results the like of Bailey and Tyler esp have been re-established. Several heroes of last season have been treated with contempt only to end up back in the side weeks later, so i ask this board 2 things

1, Can Morris and Kay keep us up this season?
2, long term will they bring relative success to the club?

My opinion is no and no and the reasons why are below,

Man Management

This has been appalling from day one the treatment of Luke Hinsley has been nothing short of a disgrace, stripped of the captaincy in front of this piers instead of been taken to one side and spoke to like a man, then when suspended this week made to travel to Halesowen with the team the reason given by the manager cos he was suspended but other unavailable players not made to travel due to been injured, suppose its all about opinions but come on Luke has played the last month or so with a broken foot!!! the lad will run though a brick wall for the club and come out fighting the other side only to be treated like a leper. The Criticism from the bench on several occasions (in public sight) has been appalling and frankly embarrassing for all concerned, top performers like Sebba publicly slated despite his heroics winning us games almost on his own, a good young prospect like Sam Hanna hounded out of the club for a nothing/debatable mistake at Shaw Lane after been publicly bullied and bullied inst a strong enough word believe me for those that saw it. Players messed about out of squad one week back in another, Ackroyd told to join Ossett basically then begged to come back, this led to Vallers been dropped at Ashton cos it was easy option and manager had painted himself into a corner, believe me when i say this cos I know several players don't want to play for them, maybe it cos in there day jobs they dont manage people or have a high level of responsibility who knows maybe its harsh but its true football is 90% at least managing people and in this area they both fall way short and its bound to catch up with them in terms of long term performances and results


As above only Stoher and Burdett good enough, fair enough previous managers brought in players who didnt make the grade but mostly from the bench to have a look or as a stop gap in an emergency, Morris has brought several failures and given them chance after chance in key games from the off. The Selection of Meynell as his captain and in the team (when fit) has been a joke he has been awful and on the whole when he has played we have conceded at least 2 a game, Mangham works hard but clearly isnt good enough, Colbear was embarrassing, Fish was off at best, so apart from one player from a league club the manger has failed to deliver any proper evo stick ready players Stoher apart who is happend to know


start with bailey and Tyler why did he take so long to play? cos Rose had signed them? no surprise Tyler has been involved in all the good lately, why did we play a few games with 2 centre backs in Midfield whilst Sam Ackroyd was training at Ossett (sorry on holiday). The selection against Tadcaster made the board and club look stupid as already discussed on here. But the main gripe the picking of Meynell when injured on the bench is a joke, i am reliably told last season you got £50 for been on the bench so its ok to line your injured mates pockets is it? again what do the board reckon to that? also Thornton signed injured and barely fit yet played 2 or 3 games he even said at Stocky game he could not believe he had been playing when so un-match fit, fair play he has improved since but was clearly towing his bag out in the Northwich game


see man management, but also posts on twitter and on facebook from family members uncalled for an lacking class making themselves and the board look stupid, starting arguments with supporters in person and on social media, second hand threats to to 'knock people out' for posting on the this board and that they will find out who posters are etc, laughable, embarrassing, not fitting to our great club. Phising on twitter for arguments see twitter posts about great firework displays at the ground the day after a 4-1 defeat, and about England selection etc, hopefully the board tell them to grow up, also see above re the Sam Hanna incident i personally saw the Frickley captain call a director a C**T when told to get on with the game during that incident,

All in all i cant see us been stable enough and ultimately good enough to stay up this season due to all the above and a couple of wins doesn't change that, that is my opinion others welcome to voice theres, on the whole league performances have not been good enough we are always going to pick up some wins with the old gaurd in the team but long term i cant see us getting enough as we seem to lurch from one crisis to another and the old gaurd inviably leave in person or if not in spirit

Long term i fear if they stay in charge both in terms of recruitment (where would we be without the 6 or 7 of players from previously? bottom and gone i reckon) and selection/man management,we will end up with a team of the likes of Meynall, Mangham, Fish, ect and if that is what we have to look forward too then its going to be a long season not only for whats left of this but next season as well, 15th in division 1 north if where these 2 are taking us (Goole were lower) and anyone with a brain can see it hopefully the board can, look at the mess they have left at Goole for any evidence you need

for me its not a case of Mozza and Justin Bieber finding a way out of the woods its a case of the grim reaper getting board waiting for them to pop out and possibly even entering the woods to catch them

others may disagree, maybe am wrong i will accept if i am but am fearful and i think the couple of away wins are masking the real issues for me, lets say they get the next 12 i reckon we will win 3 at most with them in charge and then thats it coffin in the ground question is who will the reaper strike first the management team? or the club? Dingbat out

Re: Out of the Woods

Wed Nov 30, 2016 8:11 am

I agree with most of your points Dingbat. But from my point of view, the pair of them came while the club were rock bottom of the table with no points, and at the moment in time, we are now out of the bottom 4, picking up roughly half of the points up for grabs while they have been in charge. So some would agure that they are achieving what is being required of them at this moment in time, which is survival.

However, having said that, the way that they act on Social Media is very unprofessional and somewhat "provoking" at times. For example, calling us Frickley fans, keyboard warriors, when we complain about a losing results and then "calling us out" when they win a game. It's like they they think the fans have no right to complain about then at all. People had a go at Billy, Rinky and Karl, so what makes them think that the fans are not going to complain about them when results are not going right on the pitch? But with this, they create an atmosphere after the game in the bar, when things don't go their way, by starting arguments with fans and "blanking" them with they don't have a valid opinion to say anything, and they wonder why fans say, they're missing Karl Rose. Because Karl never created an atmosphere at the end of the game in over 4 years of being in charge, yet Morris and Kay have been in charge under 3 months and the amount of fans against them already is unbelievable. Personally I think if they're relationship with the fans were better, then they could improve too. But is the damage already done?

Re: Out of the Woods

Wed Nov 30, 2016 11:47 am

Great post Dingbat.
Why the board dident back Karl with a bit more money to keep players at the club after last season I will never understand.
Why they got mozza in who was not a proven manager at this level ( But IN HIS DAY a great player ) I also carnt understand.
( Nothing personal against mozza he wants to manage at the highest level nowt wrong with that so he was given the chance so he went for it )
Good players dont alway make good managers for the very reason you state Dingbat.
But what do I know. Funny old game this football is.

Re: Out of the Woods

Wed Nov 30, 2016 5:31 pm

I agree dove there immediate impact was great and just what was needed however new managers tend to have impact on initial arrival the test is if there is any substance following the initial honeymoon period, this is when man management; recruitment, tatics and selection are really tested and so far in my opinion it's been shockingly poor at worst and average at best in all those areas, amongst all that my main point is the 3 away wins are masking some concerning and quite serious issues in the background

Plus and to be fair to them they face the same problems as Karl or any other manager in attracting and retaining quality players that's why man management and motivation are so important in a manager at club like Frickley look at lads who stayed under Karl not for money but cos they respected him, can't see that been the case with these two due to reasons in initial post also Karl always seemed to pull rabbits out of hats at this stage of the season but storher and burdett apart Morris is seriously lacking in this area and that's why if the club do retain them long term the quality will suffer as they will struggle to retain sebba, Bailey, Tyler, Hinsley, ackroyd, macca, Valentine etc and the replacements am afraidin my view are likely to be disasters in the mould of coldbear or fish

Added to this it's so important at a club like ours to channel the passion of the fans; I want to ossett on Saturday decent set up nice bar but it was 160 neutrals watching no passion like we see at the lane just football people watching a game no backing from the stands no venom to the ref etc it's similar at rushall all west brom shirts and coats just mainly neutrals taking in a game same at barwell, @ Frickley it's a proper club with proper fans who have an opinion but also are decent people and will back the team but Morris and kay have created in the short period of been in charge an us against them mentality which is destructive, I know Goole and it's not the same there not the same passion or intensity or scrutiny and it's that they have struggled with most of all maybe job is too big for them at the current time arguably Goole job was too big for them

Massive period anyway and they will live and die by results on the field and rightly so but like dove says had they been more respectful to the fans and created a better atmosphere around the place like we had previous they might not find themselves under as much pressure

Re: Out of the Woods

Thu Dec 01, 2016 8:06 am

not sure where this post is going, whilst i agree with some of the points made, it is time to move on from the karl rose era and put it in the history book, slagging current players off is not my style as these guys read the forums and are not full time footballers, we have to get behind the management,whatever we think, as their goal is to see frickley athletic a success, which is what us fans wish for too. too much bickering and grumbling will only divide the club, which will bring poor results on and off the pitch.
time to get behind the team now cos we ARE in a relegation fight, and knew this before this management was appointed.

Re: Out of the Woods

Thu Dec 01, 2016 11:00 am

Totally agree with your comments dingbat

Re: Out of the Woods

Thu Dec 01, 2016 6:52 pm

Can't comment on individual players / personal feelings, but if you look at the more factual nuts and bolts, we're in a far better position than 7/8 games in, when people were asking if any club have ever survived relegation after such a poor start. In fact, I don't think you could ask for much more in terms of performance from then to now with a side which was shot to bits in terms of confidence. A few seasons back, we hardly ever won away. Currently I think we have a chance of getting a result whoever and wherever we play against. Also certain players who were underperforming earlier in the season are playing a lot better, so regardless of methods, who's happy and who isn't, whether players 'want' to play for the management or not (always a slightly weird concept to me), I think we are heading in the right direction with a group of players who are certainly far better than a relegation side. So yes, I think we can comfortably stay up. Long-term - no idea yet (but AFAIA there was no long term plan suggested anyway by the club following the change of management?).
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