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Cumberland Senior Cup Final

Sun May 13, 2018 7:20 am

Tuesday May 8 at Carlisle United
Cleator Moor Celtic 2-1 Penrith after extra time.

I just came across this, pity it's not possible to read the text. From what I can gather, a group of Cleator fans seem to have disgraced their club.

From Twitter:
Geoff Jackson @CumbrianGeoff
@CumberlandFA disgusting and disgraceful behaviour by the small section of @CMCelticFC fans in the stand tonight have they no brain's letting a flare off in a wooden stand full of kids not to mention the glasses full of drink they were throwing @penrithfc #CumberlandCupFinal2018.

Caroline @Tillybalanda Replying to @CumbrianGeoff
Also the foul and abusive language they were constantly using, calling people paedophiles and such like things, they'd already has stuff confiscated as well, absolutely disgusting behaviour.


Re: Cumberland Senior Cup Final

Sun May 13, 2018 11:14 am

Sadly Cleator Moor Celtic do tend to have that element of support that seem intent on sullying what is fundamentally a good club ran by some very nice people. Unfortunately there is a culture of drinking pitchside, which was still there yesterday when we from Coxhoe visited and has caused problems in the past for a number of visiting clubs.

Maybe the incident at Carlisle stunted the atmosphere yesterday in an unusually quiet crowd, not large by any stretch but quieter than usual, or was it that Coxhoe never let Cleator Moor get on top of the game, but perhaps news filtering through that Redcar were running away against Gateshead Leam Rangers put a real downer on it.
News filtering from Cleator Moor suggests they will be in the North West Counties League next season, but it looks like Cumbrian FA have another issue to deal with first.

Whatever the future holds for them we wish them good luck for the future and hope they can winkle the clowns out of the club and move on.

Re: Cumberland Senior Cup Final

Sun May 13, 2018 12:28 pm

This is a little more legible.

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