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Forum Rules

Tue Sep 29, 2009 10:35 am

Forum rules


This forum is unofficial and is no way endorsed by Guisborough Town FC.

All views expressed in this forum are the sole responsibility of the author, and do not in any way reflect the views of Guisborough Town FC, it's representatives or it's sponsors, nonleaguezone.com, the admin team or forum moderators.

Nonleaguezone.com accepts no responsibility for comments posted in this or any of the forums.

The Rules

1. The primary function of this forum is for discussion about Guisborough Town FC. Unrelated posts will either be deleted or moved to the appropriate forum.
2. Users shall not post libellous, defamatory, offensive, aggressive or racist messages. Persistent offenders shall be banned.
3. Offensive Private Messages ('PMs') can be tracked and in the event of continued abuse, users shall have their PM ability revoked.
4. Linking to external websites should only be made in context, posts containing only links will be treated as spam and deleted accordingly.
5. Credit must be given to any information posted which has been taken from any other source.
6. The admin and moderator team reserves the right to delete posts as they see fit. The actions of admin and moderators are not a subject for discussion and any such discussion will be deleted as soon as they become apparent.
7. Users should not have two online personas. One user=one username.
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